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Odyssey8 is an international film and video production company based in New York City and Berlin, Germany.


We have a pool of professionals in the US and all over Europe that are specialized in production services,

short and feature film productions, commercials, corporate videos, as well as animated explainer films, photography, and design. 

We are a passionate force and
 embrace the art of great and entertaining storytelling.

Our most recent short film "LARVA" was shown at more than

twenty-five international film festivals and has so far won seven awards. 

Three short and feature film projects are in development:

  • "Kibitzer", short film - produced by Arik Bauriedl, written by Yaar Harell and Johannes Simon Becker

  • "DILEMMA", short film - written and produced by Elli Deja and Arik Bauriedl

  • "CHRISTMESS"(WT), feature film - written and produced by Arik Bauriedl


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